The CoreStrength1 Commerical System is a steel pyramid like structure consisting of multiple levels with padded benches, stationary bars and pulley attachment hooks. With its 26 attachment hooks located on different parts of the structure, the system allows for a vast variety of exercises to be performed in circuit format with very little rest, creating a seamless transition between exercises. Its unique anchoring systems allow for easy movement and storage as well as stability during movement drills. (see below for anchoring systems)

The CS1 ultimate all-in-one Commercial System is perfect for fitness centres,  elementary and high schools, sports teams and athletic facilities, physiotherapy/athletic therapy and chiropractic clinics, government services, as well as professional Mixed Martial Arts facilities and many other establishments.

Its innovative and unique design allows for 8-16 users at once, and individual systems can be connected to accommodate an unlimited amount of people. An almost endless amount of exercises can be accomplished with Corestrength1 due to its hook, band, and stair system (see instructional photo page on this site), and is an efficient workout tool for one-on-one training, sports conditioning, cardio and weight loss, and great for rehabilitation. If you don't have one for your establishment, your missing out on one of the most valuable and scalable work out systems available.


Our unique CS1 system also comes with a unique anchoring system, which allows the CS1 to be bolted down for stability, or to be moved around for mobility and storage. The Drill and Anchor system places four bolts drilled directly into any flooring, flush with the ground to limit any potential risks, able to lock down the units with ease, as well as allowing for a quick release to pick up the CS1 system for storage if needed. All CS1 Commercial Systems have wheels on the step side to create a wheelbarrow effect when lifting the bar to move the unit to wherever needed.

If drilling into the ground is not an ideal option, or if your location or facility involves outdoor activity, the Weighed Down System allows for easy stability as well. Utilizing the attachment piece seen here, the CS1 can be "weighed down" by placing 45lb plates onto the middle cylinder. As this anchoring system is directly attached to the CS1, it can use gravity to its advantage and also allow for minimum movement during stable exercise drills.

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