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​CoreStrength1 is the ultimate all-in-one total body workout system,” says CoreStrength1 Founder and Director Jaime Cameron. “There are so many ways to use it effectively. It really is one system with endless possibilities

After successfully losing 160lbs prior to 2010, Jaime was in 2 rear end car accidents in the span of a year, halting his weight loss program. He wanted to continue to be active, but knew he had to do it safely and effectively. 

“CoreStrength1 came about out of my own struggles with weight loss and rehab after a series of car accidents,” says Jaime. “The trainers I was working with knew effective exercises, but didn’t have the equipment needed. I saw the demand and got to work developing CoreStrength1.

CoreStrength1 is a Canadian owned and operated company dedicated to facilitating and educating the public about personal fitness. Our innovative fitness products for commercial and personal use are quickly gaining respect and popularity with industry experts and consumers.