CoreStrength1 can get anyone to a better level of fitness and health no matter what their age or fitness level. It provides training for cardio, endurance, strength and power all on our incredible all in one fitness system. Many have found it also to be a great tool for weight loss and rehab.
It’s unique design of 3 recessed steps and bars will allow multiple exercises for all parts of your body. There are 14 stations to attach resistance bands and this ensures a full work out for each muscle group. CoreStrength1 makes exercise a social experience with friends and family since it allows for multiple people to work out at once!

CoreStrength1 is a steel structure consisting of 3 padded steps, 3 recessed bars that easily slide in and out, and resistance bands and handles. There are 14 attachment hooks located at different points to give an almost endless variety of different exercises while also providing varying levels of resistance.

Circuit training has become very popular and the CoreStrength1 one is the perfect system with easy and seamless transitions through its innovative and unique design. Whether you are a novice or a pro-athlete or like working out by yourself or with friends and family, CoreStrength1 is perfect for everyone!

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