See what industry leaders and everyday users of the CoreStrength1 system are saying about our products

"CoreStrength1 redefines levels of fitness. Other machines standard of versatility and practicality have not and canot stand up to was CS1 brings to the table... No matter what someone does for a living, be it professional athletics or sitting at a desk all day, core strength is the most essential area of conditioning to staying healthy and fighting off those phantom aches and pains. It’s amazing to me how many professional gyms don’t put a proper emphasis on that area with their equipment selection.  This system meets that need, and in fact takes it to a whole new level.”

Ricky Lundell, 

UFC Coach

"CoreStrength1 is the most functional and dynamic piece of fitness equipment I have had the opportunity to use. CS1 will change the fitness industry... Whether it be the male and female professional athletes that I work with, or the men and women who come to me with basic needs of getting in and staying in shape, this machine works equally well with both sexes.  Men tend to be more explosive, while women are often more gifted in areas of flexibility and movement.  The Core Strength 1 system has benefitted my male and female clients with equally beneficial results.”"

Holly Lundell,

UFC Coach

"As a CPT who has trained 1000's of clients for both fat loss, athlete performance and physique competitions the CoreStrength1 is one of the most Dynamic pieces of equipment that I have seen. The ability to be used for all fitness levels allows me to utilize the components to work specifically with each individual I train"

Michael Grayer, 

CPT, National Level Physique and Body Building Athlete

" As a busy mom who understands what it is like to be on the OTHER side of fitness.  The CoreStrength1 allows me to get a full body workout in the comfort of my home.  Not just a fluff workout either. This is a piece that can grow with you as your fitness levels increase. No need to go to the gym to get your body to the next level- burn fat and tone up with CoreStrength1"

Carol Elizabeth,

CPT Lifestyle Coach, Creator of Evolve Live Fit

"I love this fitness system for so many reasons, you can train many people at once with so many exercise options, I love the add-ons like exercise tubing and of course Lebert Buddy Systems! I love the functional training components. Great experience and can't wait to start rocking out our very own at Fitness NATION!"

Marc Lebert,

Owner-Operator at Lebert Fitness

"As a former UFC Champion I have been through some amazing workouts, but above all the CoreStrength1 was the ultimate and most complete workout of all"

Carlos Newton,

Former UFC Welterweight Champion

"Getting to the gym every day is difficult for most people but as the Fitness Expert my audiences and clients often assume I spend hours in the gym. Truth is I spend my days training and motivation my clients and audiences and I can relate to not having endless time to exercise. Getting a complete workout in the least amount of time with great results has been the challenge. When I started to look for a machine which I could use to help me work on my strength and conditioning, this machine was a perfect fit! CoreStrenght1 is one of the most remarkable all-in-one machines I’ve seen and used in years! This innovative machine makes my workouts intense and very efficient. One of the things I really like about Core Strength1 is that caters to all fitness levels, so I have been recommending it to my audiences and clients. After years of training and hundreds of clients I know versatility in fitness programs is extremely important, with Corestrength1 there are literally limitless amount of exercise you can do. When it comes to getting a complete workout right at home without any sacrifices to my progress or performance, Corestrength1 is my answer!"

Stephanie Joanne, 

CityLine Fitness Expert

"Bar none, the best new core strength/ functional training machine out in the market today, able to be utilized by any niche population for greater results."
- Pierre Poitras B.Sc.Kin, Owner/Operator of Integrated Health Concepts
"Amazing piece of Cross Fit technology"
- David Phillips ChPC, Tennis Canada Coaching Consultant