CoreStrength1 Fitness System
Featuring UFC Coach, Ricky Lundell 

Here's a glimpse of what to expect from the Core Strength 1 System! This video highlights all of your favourite Core Strength 1 System exercises, with special appearances from UFC coaches Ricky and Holly Lundell, as well as up and coming boxer Triston Brookes, as he uses the Core Strength 1 system to prepare for an upcoming fight! See why it's the ultimate all-in-one fitness system!

What is CoreStrength1?

CoreStrength1 is an all-in-one fitness and rehab system that is designed to suit all fitness levels ranging from those hitting the gym for the first time, to the most advanced athletes. This system utilizes cardio, endurance and strength for a full-body workout with a unique design of 3 steps, 3 multi-level bars and 26 attachment stations developed for resistance bands to complete any workout for any muscle group.

Circuit Training

Joe Arko demonstrates the many uses and functions of the CoreStrength1 system, putting multiple people on one unit all at the same time, all at high intensities. This tool is great for bootcamps, small group training and even fitness classes.
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